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Joey's Story


Joey (or Joanna as we learned to know her) is a personal friend of ours and a true blessing.  She had a difficult childhood of abuse and neglect, but today she is a beautiful testimony of how any life surrendered to God can be changed and used for His glory. 

The book will be especially meaningful to anyone who is adopted, has adopted a child, or does foster care. Also anyone who has suffered abuse. It is a powerful story!

Publisher's Summary:
Joey lied, swore, and fought. She smoked in secret and shoplifted when she had half a chance. And she was only a child. Her mother was too sick to notice. Her father too busy to mind. But behind the tough shell, Joey’s heart ached and cried out for help. A loving God, already working in her life, heard and answered her cry. Joey’s Story is the true, heart-wrenching account of Joanna Heger’s childhood and youth. Though told discreetly, it is not a children’s book.

Author: Ruth Ann Stelfox
Pages: 640
Binding: Paperback
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