Free Helps & More

This is a new page for us. As time progresses it will include free and helpful links, downloads, and videos. Please use all things found here respectful of any copyrights.

Edge to Edge - In A Hurry. We all love quick stitching pantographs! But what happens when the patterns run to the edge of the quilt too fast and you have to tie off a gazillion rows? This video will help you stitch as many of them as your quilting table will hold all in one fluid motion. We will use our Modern Drift E2E pattern and our Clamshell Minuet E2E pattern. These and other edge to edge pantographs can be found here.


I'm posting this because some of you may enjoy seeing a highlight from the year I taught school down in Nicaragua.


Background Fills - The Statler Way. This video uses the P2P Paisley patterns. These and other background fills can be found here.


The following video has often been requested, and I've finally done it!

Here's a link to download the Border Corner Formula PDF I mentioned in the above video.

This is Part 2 to the ABC Method of Borders and Corners. It uses the measure tool to figure the border repeats.


Naturally, there are also side borders on quilts! Side Borders 101 and 102 show the two ways we will execute side borders here at our studio.

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